Filmmakermagazine interviews Ken J. Adachi (Director/Writer) and Kyle Arrington (Writer/Actor).

Film Editing Pro interviews Eric Ekman (Editor).

iheardin.com interviews Ken J. Adachi (Director/Writer).

Dead Dad is the ITEM OF THE DAY on Hello Giggles.

Steven Beckman, the Head of Content Partnerships at FilmBuff, speaks with The Huffington Post about Dead Dad and digital-distribution.

Film Editing Pro interviews Ken J. Adachi (Director/Writer).

Screen Crave reviews Dead Dad.

Indiewire names Dead Dad one of ten Indies to Watch on VOD this February.

Screen Crave interviews Ken J. Adachi (Director/Writer) and Kyle Arrington (Writer/Actor).

Screen Crave calls Dead Dad one of the Best New Indie Trailers.

Official trailer launched exclusively on Indiewire.

"Dead Dad is an emotionally powerful film about death and growing up."
- Film Threat

"Even if you could not relate to the exact situation, you could at least to the wide range of emotions the characters went through in the short amount of time; resentment, nostalgia, excitement and frustration."
- Way Too Indie

"It is original in its inherent tone and atmosphere, and the passion and resourcefulness of the filmmakers is translated to the film, making for a heartfelt story."
- Cinema Funk

"Dead Dad is about real people grappling with real issues. It's hard not to identify with such authenticity."
- Film Misery

"Accompanied by tonally appropriate indie tunes and fashionable styling, the film also manages to feel natural, emotionally relevant, and -- most impressively -- realistic."
- Hyphen Magazine

"A film that brings a distinctive voice to a highly relatable plot."
- Off to the Films

"Whether or not you have gone through this life experience, Dead Dad features a great cast and script that pulls at your emotions."
- Slug Magazine

"Everyone responds to tragedy differently, and everyone needs their own catharsis, and that's something that director Ken Adachi and co-writer Kyle Arrington observe very well."
- The Daily City

"Nicely observed emotional complexities, handled well by the engaging ensemble cast."
- Chronogram Magazine

"I don't like relationship movies, but this one was so good, I had to make an exception. This film deserves to be widely viewed. It also convinced me not to leave a mess behind for my kids."
- Blog Critics

"The story is so solid and the production so well done, I forgot that I was watching a so-called 'small budget' film."
- VIP Movie Snob

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